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In Latin, ‘Ex-Libris’ means ‘From the books of’.

It is an illustrated bookplate for identification a book’s owner, which was first used in medieval times.

Since then, Ex-Libris stamps became a form of art, with its detailed, miniature graphics.

Each design, custom-made or from the catalog, is made with dedication, thought and purpose of preserving tradition.

The wooden handles are handmade, engraved with a 100 y/o engraving machine.


FOREVER STAMPS is project by artist Arbelle Shtainer.

It all started when Arbelle designed and produced an Ex-Libris for her partner’s birthday and completely fell in love with the medium.

Slowly but surely, it developed into a project where people can order a custom designed stamp and gift it for their loved ones (or themselves:) which makes a perfect gift for book lovers.


Thank you for helping preserve a tradition and supporting an independent creation <3

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